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Welcome to the website of the Latvia–Lithuania Programme! 60 million euro will be invested to projects that have a cross border impact and are implemented by the Latvian and Lithuanian institutions.

Tuesday, 01 December 2015
26 November 2015

For the last 25 years, the European Union has been investing in cross-border cooperation through Interreg, a financing instrument for regional development across borders. Despite all the progress made, many obstacles persist, and many of these cannot be solved with Interreg financing alone. Read more >

25 November 2015

Latvia–Lithuania programme has received the letter from European Commission confirming that the Annual Implementation Report for 2014 could be regarded as approved. It provides a good understanding of implementation issues and the key factors affecting the programme performance in 2014.
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23 November 2015

The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia announces an open competition for Senior project management experts and Senior public relations expert in Cross-Border Cooperation Programmes Secretariat Division, Development Instruments Department.
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16 November 2015

Due to the National Holiday in Latvia the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Latvia–Lithuania Programme will be closed on 18 November 2015.
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2 October 2015

The Latvia-Lithuania programme together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia and Rokiškis District Municipality have invited everybody to the Balts Unity Day celebration on September 19 in Rokiškis. Read more >

15 September 2015

Latvia-Lithuania programme is inviting everybody to join the interactive open bus, visiting the Programme’s projects, implemented by Rokiškis projects partners.

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31 August 2015

In this issue you will find the news regarding the Balts Unity Day celebration, the Latvia-Lithuania programme 2014-2020 and the 25th anniversary of the Interreg.
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29 August 2015

The time of the year has come when the Latvia-Lithuania programme together with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania and Latvia and Rokiškis District Municipality are happy to invite everybody to the annual event ‘Balts Unity Day’. This year the honour to host the event was given to Rokiškis (Lithuania), where the whole day of September 19 will be filled with different activities all over the city. Read more >

28 August 2015

The representatives of both National Authorities have met on 27 August in Panevėžys District in order to discuss the issues concerning the Latvia-Lithuania programme 2014-2020. The main topics for the discussion were the Latvia-Lithuania programme 2014-2020 document and the 1st draft of the Programme manual.
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6 July 2015

The Joint Technical Secretariat of the Latvia–Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007–2013 is looking for the Information Manager (fluent in Latvian and English) for temporary vacancy. Deadline for the submission of applications is 20 July, 2015.
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