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Events on Sunday, 24 March 2013
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Visits to business enterprises within the project 'I CAN WORK' From November 2012 till August of 2013 Project partners will be visiting business enterprises (100 in Latvia and 50 in Lithuania). During these visits Project partners will communicate with Managers of the enterprises concerning the work opportunities of disabled. The film 'I can work' will be shown. This film is about the procedure of setting disability and work capacity and working opportunities of disabled according to kind of their disability. Promotional measures – poster about equal opportunities of work, booklets about the Project with booklet holders, pens with programme logo sign, cups with Project and programme logo signs will also be given. This will help to rise interest to employ disabled and to develop social responsibility and citizenship of employers. Business enterprises in Latvia and Lithuania
Individual business consultations within the project 'Start ups promotion' Individual consultants will consult in business idea development, business plan writing and business establishment. Kaunas
Sport exchange event for youth within the project 'We-football' The pupils of Children's Football Centre 'Daugava' and Panevėžys Football Academy (born in 1999) will participate in common sports event. The common cognitive trips to Daugavpils districts, common football trainings, and informal leisure interaction are scheduled during this event. The participants also will take part in football match on 22th – 24th of March, 2013, to win the Cup of tournament. Daugavpils, Latvia
International Creative Camp 'Books. Theather. Creativity.' within the project 'Reading-IT-Creation' During the international creative camp 60 children from Latvia and Lithuania will learn the basics of scenic art and will acquire knowledge how to express themselves creatively through literary characters. Participants of this creative camp will not only get to know literary heroes but will also make friends with children from another country. Children from Latvia and Lithuania will be introduced with new book collection about arts, will learn how to work with books and create characters and etudes. Professional directors and actors from Latvia and Lithuania will be working with camp participants. Children will get acquainted with the specifics of Daugavpils State Theater and will meet with the theater actors as well as learn about scenic makeup. During the final event of the international creative camp participants will demonstrate literary heroes’ kaleidoscope and stage their etudes. Latgale Central Library, Rigas Street 22A, Daugavpils