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Discussion on the support fields of Latvia-Lithuania Programme after 2013 is held in Jelgava
One of the discussions organized by Latvia–Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation programme on the support fields of the programme during the next planning period for 2014-2020 took place on Thursday, 17th January in Jelgava City Council.

The aim of the discussions was to listen and summarize the opinions of interested parties in one of the programme territories – in Zemgale region which is one of the most active acquirers of Latvia-Lithuania programme funding.

During the discussion there were participated the representatives of Zemgale Planning region, the representatives of the local municipalities of Jelgava, Aknīste, Jēkabpils, Dobele, Bauska, Rundāle, Plaviņas, Koknese, Skrīveri, Sala and other nearby local municipalities, as well as state authorities and municipalities which were involved in the implementation of the projects of Latvia-Lithuania programme.

The representatives evaluated the current programme experience, marked the value added of the programme in comparison to other available financial instruments. Mostly there was emphasized the possible cooperation with neighbouring regions within the framework of the programme for solving the common problems. In its turn another positive feature of the programme that is not available in the projects of other financial instruments is the programme flexibility enabling consolidation of both the investing activities and „soft” (education, researches, exchange of experience and others) activities within the project, thus achieving more valuable project results.

In addition, there were examined and discussed the necessary improvements of the programme after 2013, as well as a good practice which should be continued.

During the meeting all attendees have submitted proposals on the priorities which can serve as a basis for the programme financing disposition in Latvia and Lithuania during the planning period for 2014-2020.

The representatives of Zemgale region have mentioned the environmental protection, entrepreneurship, education and social sphere as most significant support fields. Respectively, within the framework of these themes the members of discussion have generated ideas of the new projects for successful implementation of which it is necessary to cooperate with the Lithuanians.

The discussion results will be presented for representatives of Latvia and Lithuania on January 24, 2013 in Riga at the Joint Planning Committee initiating the discussions on programme future after 2013.

Latvia–Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation programme for 2007-2013 is one of the programmes of the “European Territorial Cooperation” of the European Union funds the aim of which is to contribute to the development of the bordering regions in Latvia and Lithuania making the regions more attractive to live and visit. Only those projects involving the partners of both countries, at least one from each country, are eligible to claim the financial support.

Within the framework of the period 2007-2013 in total 116 projects (EUR 60 million) have been approved and are currently implemented; that involves more than 500 projects partners in Latvia and Lithuania.