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Latvia–Lithuania Programme future was discussed at the first Joint Programming Committee
On January 24 there has been organized the first meeting of the Joint Programming Committee wherein the representatives of the Programme National authorities – the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Latvia and the Ministry of the Interior of Lithuania, as well as the state and regional institutions of Latvia and Lithuania have participated with the aim of discussing Latvia–Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme future during the planning period for 2014-2020.

A support function of the Committee has been ensured by the representatives of the Joint Technical Secretariat of Latvia–Lithuania Programme.

As both Latvia and Lithuania have expressed a wish to cooperate in the planning period for 2014-2020 the aim of the meeting was to discuss the Programme preparatory works of the next period and specified time schedule, planning to submit the Programme document for approval of the European Commission by the end of the year.

The members of the Committee have agreed that an active involvement of both parties and partnership principle ensuring are necessary during the preparation process.

Preparing for this issue the Joint Technical Secretariat has organized five regional discussions on the support fields of the programme in the bordering regions - Rokiskis (Lithuania), Daugavpils (Latvia), Pakruojis (Lithuania), Jelgava (Latvia) and Plunge (Lithuania). As the regions are the significant parties in the implementation of the programme the discussions in the regions play a great role in the process of preliminary research. The discussion results will serve as an appropriate basis for further negotiations between the National authorities of both states.

Similarly the representatives of the Joint Technical Secretariat have informed the members of the Committee about planned in-depth satisfaction survey of the project implementers aiming to receive the proposals for improvement of Latvia–Lithuania Programme and simplification of implementation terms during the planning period for 2014-2020. Received proposals will be summarized and used in development of a new Latvia-Lithuania Programme.

The main tasks of the Joint Programming Committee are elaboration of operational programme the period 2014-2020, defining of mandates, tasks and composition of bodies involved in programming, elaboration of work plans for the programming phase etc.