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On Job Shadow Day the Joint Technical Secretariat was visited by students from Riga Lithuanian secondary school
On Job Shadow Day which was held on Wednesday, February 13, the Joint Technical Secretariat of Latvia–Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme was visited by 11th Form students from Riga Lithuanian secondary school who expressed a wish to learn more about Latvia–Lithuania Programme and get acquainted with daily work of the Programme employees.

The Programme representatives introduced young people to Latvia–Lithuania Programme, its aims, possibilities and the examples of the implemented projects.

Moreover, the Programme representatives shared the experience about what it means to be a project manager, financial specialist and Programme public relations specialist, as well as what kind of daily work have to be performed by the representatives of these professions. As young people have to choose the future studies in the next year it was interesting to learn what kind of education should be got and which skills, qualities they should have in order to perform this work in future.

As the Programme also cooperates with the Embassy of Lithuania in Latvia in everyday life, after visit to the Joint Technical Secretariat young people were invited to meet the Ambassador of Lithuania to Latvia Ričardas Degutis who introduced pupils to the history of the Lithuanian Embassy building, described the relations between Latvia and Lithuania and work of the Ambassador.

In order young people have deeper understanding of the activities of Latvia–Lithuania Programme, in the afternoon they have visited one of the implemented projects within the framework of the Programme „Synergetic approach with eLearning, TV and mobile technologies to promote new business developments” or „eBig3” in Riga Technical University.

The project manager - Atis Kapenieks, the Doctor of Physics of Riga Technical University has informed that several universities of Latvia and Lithuania cooperate within the project. Within the framework of the project there is created a new opportunity to receive a distance education for everyone willing to study. In the established system there are unified three technologies and it enables to take various distance education courses using television, computer and mobile phone. It is possible to enrol in the distance education courses from January, 2013, more information here>.


It is already thirteenth time when the Job Shadow Day takes place in Latvia. Job Shadow Day is a globally popular career education event for schoolchildren – for a whole day primary and secondary school students can shadow a professional of their choice, thus gaining an insight into his or her everyday work.