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The cultural inheritance of Mazeikiai and Kurzeme regions is restored through art and history

The project "School’s cooperation" approved within the 4th Call for Proposals and started on 9 January 2012 is finished.

During one year of the Project implementation Project partners - Zidikai Marija Peckauskaite secondary school from Lithuania and Kalnu secondary school from Latvia had the opportunity to strengthen the relations and give the inspiration for the further cooperation as Kalnu and Zidikai secondary schools are located only 30 kilometres from each other, and the neighbouring country’s school is closer geographically for some children.


The main aim of the project was to improve the communication between the academic youth from two educational institutions preserving and restoring the Aistian traditions and the cultural inheritance of Mazeikiai and Kurzeme regions through art and history. For this reason, a lot of attention was paid to the historical inheritance while taking part in common meetings and festivals, was tried to acquire the knowledge about the Aistian culture while participating in seminars and workshops, innovative forms were developed of arts and music in the creative laboratories having the eternal value in the cultural life of the borderland. The communication and cooperation among the students and local communities became tighter while organizing and presenting the exhibitions. Furthermore, recognizing the close connections between both people and cultures, project participants have undertaken to learn the language of their neighbours and to only speak Latvian or Lithuanian among themselves.


These all Project results were presented by both Project partners in the final conference where ancient jewellers and blacksmiths discovering the features of Baltic culture, art studio works made with innovative technologies were exhibited as well as joint music group played the performance of modern folk music.

Because of taking language courses, during the final conference Latvian student Loreta Kocite had the opportunity to present the speech in Lithuanian and Lithuanian student Virmantas Krakys to express his experienced impressions in Latvian.



Director Rima Sirvinskiene of Zidikai secondary school and director Zenta Klaipa of Kalnu secondary school were happy seeing such valuable and significant implemented project results and gave warm and pleasant words for all participants who have contributed to the implementation of the project. Project partners confidently say that it is very excited leap of friendship and intensified cultural cooperation between border communities and national heritage among the youth.

In order to get acquainted closer with real moments of the the project, please watch it's video I and video II.